Health, Safety, Security & Environment Policy

We are committed to providing services that satisfy our customers' needs and expectations for quality, performance and safety by fostering a business culture ​ that trains, develops and encourages our people to continually improve in all aspects of our operations. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is implemented at all levels of our business and is integrated in our quality assurance system; new employees are provided with a thorough introduction to Kalinovskoye tank farm HSE as soon as they begin their employment. All company information is archived electronically. Undesirable incidents and deviations from procedure are recorded in our intranet system using mobile devices with web access. These procedures allow the Kalinovskoye tank farm to maintain an optimal HSE system that is always up to date and available online from anywhere in the world.

The logistics possible at the multi-purpose terminal in which we operate. Extensive range of utilities next to our modern reservoir with a larg capacity, universal logistics service offer shipowners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money in various Russian ports, Rotterdam and Houston port, we provide good logistics services to customers.

The quality assurance satisfy


ISO certified

The Environmental Management System has been certified pursuant to these standards: ISO 9001;2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. For the international standard for a quality management system.



We make Protection for the environment and part of being a good neighbour. We work hard to minimize waste and emissions and to promote resource conservation.



Our team's operations adhere to strict environmental protection right from the planning and construction phases. We follow all regulatory requirements and conduct of ongoing monitoring of air.