Terminal Lubrisat tank farm Logistics Network

Our logistics is the continually meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers by providing inherently safe and creative solutions in the field of bulk storage of oils and gas production. Terminal Lubrisat tank farm, always has the perfect solution for a specific needs. Our logistics tank storage terminal is designed to be used for storage of oil and gas production.

The logistics possible at the multi-purpose terminal in which we operate. Extensive range of utilities next to our modern reservoir with a larg capacity, universal logistics service offer shipowners, charterers, traders and port agents who want to save time and money in various Russian ports, Rotterdam and Houston port, we provide good logistics services to customers.

In light to the changing energy and petrochemical landscape and a continuing economic shift from West to East over the globe, Terminal Lubrisat tank farm has shipping Logistics updated its terminal portfolio criteria for its existing terminal networks and its business development activities. We have defined terminal portfolio criteria on four types of business models as depicted hereafter. The early selection of growth opportunities on the basis of these criteria will ensure a focus on projects that are in line with our strategy. Together with the improvements at our existing key locations, the strengthening of our service levels and our defined divestment program of assets, the risk-return profile of our global terminal portfolio will be further aligned with the defined strategic criteria.